The Laguardia Report


In direct response to the Reefer Madness-era  misinformation campaigns of Harry J. Anslinger (head of the Federal  Bureau of Narcotics), New York City mayor Fiorello La Guardia  commissioned a blue ribbon panel of leading doctors, psychiatrists,  psychologists, pharmacologists, chemists and sociologists, and tasked  them with making a thorough investigation of cannabis based on a  comprehensive review of all available scientific literature, plus  primary research.

Released as The La Guardia Report, the landmark study  earned the endorsement of the prestigious New York Academy of Medicine,  while unambiguously declaring that the prohibition of cannabis fails  the smell test.

“Marijuana, like alcohol, does not  alter the basic personality,” the report’s authors concluded. “Marijuana  does not of itself give rise to antisocial behavior. There is no  evidence to suggest that the continued use of marihuana is a  steppingstone to the use of opiates. Prolonged use of the drug does not  lead to physical, mental, or moral degeneration, nor have we observed  any permanent deleterious effects from its continued use. Quite the  contrary, marihuana and its derivatives and allied synthetics have  potentially valuable therapeutic applications which merit future  investigation.”